Our standard and custom-made stencils are produced with 100% recycled material.

Our products are Carbon Neutral and Australian made.



Material:                                  Semi Rigid Recycled Polypropylene

Material Thickness:             Nominally 1.4mm, 2mm, 3mm

Material Colour:                    Colour varies


With many years experience in the road line marketing industry we have trialed and tested many materials and understand the harsh conditions that our stencil products need to endure.

Our poly-plastic material is not only the cheapest and environmentally friendly product on the market it also provides the best stencil marking results. The product is solvent resistant and surface treated make cleaning an easy task.

The lightweight nature of the poly-plastic product makes freight cheaper for the customer. However if any other materials are required for the custom made stencils we can produce any stencil required. Please call Larry to discuss any custom stencil needs.

Visit our shop for all our standard stencils however if we haven’t displayed what you are after contact Larry to request a quote for your custom stencil.