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We provide an extensive range of standard stencils to cater for road markings, warehouses, workplace health and safety, playgrounds, recreational areas, sporting fields, car parks, driveways, alphabet, numbers and more.  We have standard sizes ready to order in our online shop or if you require a different size we can also custom make your stencil for your specific needs.

We can also convert your corporate logo into a stencil for use in car parks or walls in your allocated car parking spaces. Whatever the problem we can offer a solution with our custom stencils. There are no limits to the custom stencils we can produce.

With increasing demands of OHS and the need to have safety messages clearly marked, our stencils offer a very cost effective solution.

Our stencils are made from Semi Rigid Recycled Polypropylene which is a mixture of Australian made 100% Recycled and Carbon Neutral material. Our high quality stencils ensures longevity (approximately 80 markings per stencil) and a quality stencil marking on your specific surface.

We also produce stencils in corflute if preferred. Please specify this preference when placing an order.

We have a range of playground stencils that provide cognitive and physical developmental activities for children.  See our range of standard stencil in our online shop for your school or playground. Our stencils offer hours of fun and encourage a child’s imagination and physical skills.

Our experienced team can provide advice on best practises of how to use your stencil to produce the best quality stencil marking.Located in Melbourne, you can call us, stop in to our warehouse or order online. We process orders quickly so orders are despatched in approximately 2-3 days from when orders are placed.

Call us today, to discuss your stencil needs M: 0456 390 829

100% Recycled and Carbon Neutral material.